I harness the awesome power of stories to empower people to have courageous, honest, and necessary conversations about equity and social justice.

I use a comprehensive understanding of history to provide context for the social equity issues we face today. 

From talking about difference with your kids, to launching a diversity and equity initiative in your organization, I'll help you discover tangible and practical tools that empower and support you.


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About Adana

 I'm a mixed-race Black woman, and member of the Loving Generation; parenting a disabled son and a typically developing daughter....

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Every time I encounter Adana I come away feeling a little more enlightened and a lot more determined. The combination of personal experience, expansive knowledge, wit and professionalism that Adana applies to her work allow her to address complex issues of race, ability, gender, and social justice in a highly intersectional way that deeply resonates. Adana’s grounded, responsive approach to facilitating connection, community, and critical dialogue brings a valuable perspective at a much-needed time.
— Kit Harrington, Director and co-founder of Fiddleheads Forest School, Seattle WA
Adana is a skilled race and equity trainer whose storytelling not only visually helps the audience understand the important teaching moments, but also grow empathy and actively practice accepting lived experiences of people of color as truth. Adana is an excellent facilitator, disabilities advocate and engaged policy change maker for WA’s children. She has an acute pulse on WA and national trends, data and gaps in data to balance the storytelling which draws in the audience with a comprehensive skills building and empathic experience. Adana’s gift of intersectional narration allows the audience to connect on many different aspects and unpack the complexities that racism is designed to separate groups and create adversarial binaries. Adana interrupts old multicultural information and diversity talk and pushes the audience with great care to move into understanding the power analysis of systemic racism and oppression. She is humorous , personable and an impacting equity leader in early education, parenting, disability justice and anti-racism.
— Amy H. Pak Founder, Executive Director, Familes of Color Seattle (FOCS)
Image:  pinklarkin

Image: pinklarkin