What makes me Different

I'm Adana Protonentis. I am a community educator, a mother, a parent advocate, and an artist. I am the founder of Adana Consulting Group and consult throughout Washington state on issues of diversity, equity, and social justice. I am also the Director of Operations at Seattle Children’s PlayGarden,  a nonprofit in south Seattle dedicated to providing children of all abilities a safe, accessible, and adventurous place to play.

I'm a mixed-race Black woman, and member of the Loving Generation, parenting a disabled son and a typically developing daughter. My lived experience has given me a front-row seat to the many ways that different identities intersect to create power, privilege, and marginalization.

Intersectionality is my jam!

I approach our messy, nuanced, complicated social equity struggles with curiosity and illuminate connections and relationships that are often hidden.


Why I'm passionate about this...

I love people and I love stories. I'm fascinated by the ways stories are used to shape our world and firmly believe that we can harness the power of stories to make our world kinder and more just. But what makes me most passionate about this work is my children. Being a mixed-race, brown woman, married to a white man, raising one brown, neurotypical girl and one white-presenting autistic boy makes for some fascinating and challenging experiences. But my family honestly is not that different from many others. In fact, I think we are a pretty typical example of what family looks like these days: complicated, nuanced, and impossible to define with just one label.