What you can expect when working with me

To paraphrase Verna Myers, you can expect a low guilt, high responsibility approach to our work together. I refuse to employ guilt, shame, or blame in my social justice work. The goal is not to make you feel horrible about what happened yesterday. The goal is to give you the tools to make different and better choices tomorrow.

You can expect to laugh, to think, to sit with discomfort, to be challenged by complicated ideas, and to be empowered to act. You can expect to hear stories, to tell your stories, and learn to rethink the stories the world tells us all about race, disability, and gender.

Customized and deep, these are some of my offerings...


Introduction to bias

  • Customized social equity training
  • Workshops on recognizing and addressing bias
  • Tools for tough conversations with kids
  • Social equity professional development
  • Organizational social equity assessments


  • Curriculum reviews
  • Policy and procedure reviews
  • Equity team development and support
  • Meetings with organizational leaders to examine and/or create long term plans for greater equity and inclusion
  • Meetings with organizational leaders to create strategies for diversity retention

banner image: WikiMedia Commons